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How to Sell Books on Amazon Guide

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Gone are the days when books were mostly sold in shops and bookstores. Nowadays, everything is made more accessible online. There is no need to carry big books with you while riding the bus or boarding a train. All you need is your mobile phone, and you're good to go. Most books are now produced as eBooks in kindle format.

This article was written to address two sets of people. The first set is the individuals who have books to sell but find it challenging to sell while the second set is those groups of people who are looking for a way to make passive income online.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about how to sell books on Amazon and how much money you can earn.

how to sell books on amazon
how to sell books on amazon

Is Selling Books on Amazon a good idea?

I worked as a sales attendant for about two years. Although it was frustrating and annoying, I still went to work every single day with a smile on my face. This was because I needed the paycheck to earn a living. I am sure a lot of people are in the same shoe currently. One day, I went online and googled “ lucrative businesses online ," and I came across Book selling. From that day, my story changed. Before diving into the act of selling books on Amazon , I figured it was best to lay down some basic facts. If you’re aspiring to become a bookseller, below, below are a few points on why amazon is the best place to sell.

1. Large Customer Base . When you post your product on Amazon to sell, millions of customers have access to it. Isn’t that incredible?

2. Popularity . Amazon is one of the most popular online stores. Many people all around the world visit Amazon to purchase any products.

3. No listing fees . Amazon doesn’t charge sellers for listing their products for people to view. At least not until a product is purchased before you’re charged.

4. Higher rates. On Amazon, you can actually sell your products at a higher price. This equals more profit on every sale.

How to Start Selling Books on Amazon

Now that we’ve established the reasons why book selling on Amazon is a lucrative job, we can get started on the details. I have categorized this category into steps. Peradventure you are aspiring to become a vendor on Amazon, these few steps will help get started.

Step One

The first thing you must do is discover what you want to sell. What kinds of books do you want to start selling? Educational books , novels , or history books . There are several kinds of books on Amazon and every customers visiting Amazon to purchase a book have different tastes. You have to find out the kinds of books most people love to buy.

Step Two

The second step involves sourcing for the books. How do you intend to purchase the books you want to sell? You can buy books in bulk from vendors outside Amazon at a cheaper rate and resell on Amazon. Or you can make use Scanning app to scan barcode of different books. This will help you get the best books to sell.

Step Three

You cannot just begin to sell books on Amazon. You need to register as a member or better said, a seller. Sign up as a member of amazon with your email, password and so on. Move on your account and create a seller account. There are two options depending on the pricing. If you create an individual account, you are charge $0.99 per sale. On the other hand, if you open a business account, you will be charged $39.99 per month which includes other additional features.

Step Four

The last step involves listing your products on Amazon. This shouldn't take much time. The books you want to sell are already listed on Amazon. Not all but most!

Try to locate the books with their ISBN , usually at the back of the book and add them to your listing. How do you do that? Once you find the books, click “sell on Amazon” and then you'll be asked some questions which you must fill in.

Also, you’ll need to add some additional information about the book on your listing, such as:

  • · An attractive product overview telling us about the product and offering.
  • · A high-quality image showing how the products looks.

You can check Amazon best selling books to learn more.

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Book selling has become a hugely dominant and lucrative business in the international market. More people have started joining the train of booksellers and one of the best places to start is Amazon. It is online and free. So if you’re looking to sell used books on Amazon, this book can serve as a guide for you.