7 Jungle Scout Alternatives You Can Use

7 Jungle Scout Alternatives You Can Use

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If you are an Amazon seller, there is a possibility that you have used Jungle Scout to discover new items and research the marketplace. The tool has diverse features ranging from case studies, free webinars, and even niche hunters. Those features assist sellers to swiftly and without difficulty quest through millions of items.

7 Jungle Scout Alternatives You Can Use
7 Jungle Scout Alternatives You Can Use

Although the software has proven its efficiency, everyone may not like it. Some people would prefer using other alternatives. The good thing is the availability of other tools could be used to perform the functions similar to jungle scout. A number of these alternatives have proven to function in an enhanced manner than Jungle scout, and they can be found completely for free.

About Jungle Scout Alternatives

Unicorn Smasher

Any Amazon user can download Unicorn smasher free of charge. Unicorn Smasher has proven to be efficient in finding correct sales approximations and existing wide-ranging data. Although it is a free alternative to jungle scout, it enables sellers to swiftly search through lots of items and find comprehensive information to item pricing, ranking, ratings, and also reviews. To understand how Unicorn Smasher works, you can search for a tutorial that explains all the tools features. Even though you can use the tool for free, especially for new sellers, experienced sellers need to use an extensive tool to promote their craft.


AMZshark is a tool you can use to navigate effortlessly on the Amazon inclusive market. It has different vital features that can be used to track correct product sales and also Shark Score, a feature that is used to analyze the level of competition your product is facing. Sellers in countries like China and even Japan can use the Amazon tool, making it be ahead of Jungle Scout, a tool that is not supported in these countries. Every Amazon seller feels good when they do business on the platform; therefore, it is important to invest in a tool like AMZshark to assist you to improve your business.


The other free jungle scout alternative is known as Scope Seller labs. You are allowed to download and use for free when you want to research keywords for your products and also do more analysis about the market. Scope packed with most features that will help you start your position search. Scope is more basic compared to other paid options. However, it a good tool, especially for starters, because it has numerous important features like reverse ASIN lookups on certain items, which enables sellers to discover specific keywords that successful products use.


Both veteran and fresh vendors enjoy using ASINspector because of its ability to detect product listing on Amazon. It is a remarkable tool because it has a feature that enables sellers to look for listings on other sites like eBay, Walmart, or Alibaba. Moreover, the tool has numerous features that lack in Jungle Scout like the handy niche. Within a SOME few seconds ASINspector will display different keywords linked to an item together with the item Amazon Sales Ranking. Moreover, it offers its users with a turnover calculator in which a seller can approximate the revenue and cost of wholesale purchases on Amazon.


Amechete is beneficial to both proficient and fresh merchants who have the vision to be successful in doing business on Amazon. It is a convenient tool because it is accessible as a chrome add-on. It offers users with inventory trackers, bestseller ranking, and competition analysis, and profit approximations. Many people prefer Amachete as a Jungle Scout alternative because it is easy to use, and it offers positive consumer service.

IO Scout

And the new alternative is IO Scout, an all-in-one solution for Amazon FBA sellers. IO Scout’s platform includes the functionalities you would come to expect from Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout (Chrome Extension; Amazon FBA Calculator , and many more) with fewer restrictions – allowing your Amazon FBA business to continue flawlessly!


You can use Kiprt as an alternative to jungle scout. It is linked with ASINspector hence offering convenience to sellers that want to find results fast. With Kiprt, you can easily analyze the graphs that display every month sales and also the total sum of reviews the products receive each day.

Final thoughts

As a seller, you have to invest in an efficient tool that will enable you to increase your sales within a short time. Different tools have proven to assist its users efficiently when used as alternatives to jungle scout. Moreover, new sellers have the advantage of using the tool to kickstart their business on Amazon. With time, they gain more experience and migrate to other paid options, which are powerful and have features that make them more reliable.